A-Frame Table Tent with Permalin Corner Catches
A-Frame Table Tent with Linen Material
A-Frame Table Tent with Rings (shown with pockets)
Three-Sided Table Stand - Standard Glued
Three-Sided Table Stand - Magnetic Edge Closure
Three-Sided Table Stand - Magnetic Edge Closure Shown Open
Original Menu Roll Stand with Tabbed Inserts
Acrylic Table Stand - 2 Viewing Sides
Acrylic Table Stand - 6 Viewing Sides

Table Stands

Table stands make great table top marketing tools that get results! Showcase your prime dining venues, upcoming events and special offers. Choose from a variety of styles including single to multi view formats. Can be customized and branded for that extra special detail that your guests will notice. Contact us for a quote today.

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Let Menu Masters create a custom presentation tailored to your establishment. We are experts at showcasing your property’s unique style and personality. Contact us for a consultation today!